What are you waiting for?

A test result?   A vaccine?

A Zoom call?  A grocery delivery?  A haircut?  

The Big One?

Advent waiting is very different from every-day waiting, especially since the novel coronavirus came along and made everything, well, novel. Unpredictable. With most aspects of our lives now different, we have to think more imaginatively

 During Advent 2020, I do not wait alone. I am waiting in the infinitely-creative presence of the Sacred. My God’s middle name is infinite imagination.

Partnering with merciful generosity and infinite imagination, I wonder

How can I contribute to economic equity?  Spiritual deepening?

How can I help bring racial justice? Political repair? Climate revitalization?

This Advent, I wait at home alone, but not empty-handed. Plentitude means:

I can dedicate my talent to guiding those who seek meaning and connection.

I can offer tenderness to those who are lonely and isolated.

I can spend time with those who are confused, worried and grieving.

I can direct my treasure to support the creativity of artists, musicians & writers.

I can donate to nonprofits that work to bring economic and racial equity.

I can pray for medical staff, caregivers, teachers and agricultural workers.

The coronavirus causes radical disruption, which invites radical imagination.

What if this pandemic is more than a great calamity?

What if it is also a great awakening?  

Just how radical might our human imaginations become?

How are you waiting?                               How about reading Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love and Money?

Imaginatively, in faith, hope, and love,


Image by iqbal nuril anwar from Pixabay

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